How is Vacuum 65 Body treatment applied?

The whole treatment takes 60 minutes. Due to the complexity of the procedure itself, the treatment takes place in a beauty salon through these phases:

- measure the client’s weight and write it in their card record;

- measure the volume of stomach, hips, thighs, knees and calves and mark it with a white pen (write it in their card record);

- apply the cream from the periphery to the central parts of the body with circular movements;

- body is packaged in an SFV bag;

- sUnder the breast place a safety belt and on the other side put a safety tie under the foot. By this we prevent the possibility of air flow between the SFV bag and the body when the vacuum is made;

- air is drawn out by the apparatus and vacuum is made;

- vacuum with the praparation works on the body for 45 minutes;

- after that take off the safety belt and cut the SFV bag in the middle, then put what is extra of the bag on the side for the purpose of massage;

- the oil from our set is applied to the body with massage movements (while the client lies);

- repeat the weight meassuring and compare;

- repeat the meassurment procedure of the body circumference of the same marked spots and compare.

In our package you get a folder with records and statistics for each of your clients.

The treatment gives and objective feeling of cooling so that it can be applied on the clients with varicose veins and broken capillaries problem.