Insufficient water intake is the number one problem in detoxification of the body. It is necessary to take as much water as possible to help the body monitor its natural detoxification process. If we do not follow it, the organism struggles by creating water depots in the most critical places - hips, thighs, knees. . .

This process also leads to changes in the skin and subcutaneous tissue (change in the structure of collagen and elastin), the "accumulation" of metabolic products, and fatty tissue spreading.

This creates cellulite, which we see on the surface as “orange skin".

Diet – it is desirable to correct it, though not mandatory. But if you decide to do something good for yourself, do your best!

When not to use Vacuum 65 body:

 - at an increased body temperature (above 37.5 ° C), especially infectious;

- in the case of acute inflammatory processes on the skin, irrespective of the way of formation - pulmonary processes, furuncles, streptodermia and staphylodermia, phlegmons and infected wounds followed by lymphadenoma;

- chronic processes;

- all kinds of changes in the skin, tears, burns;

- inflammation of the veins and lymphatic pathways, varicose syndrome, ulcus crusis;

- malignant processes;

- Pregnancy;

- Allergy to the ingredients of the recipe used.