What does VACUUM 65 BODY Package contain?

- 1/2 kg of cream,

- 200 ml of oil,

- SFV bags,

- seat belt,

- security ties,

- vacuum cleaner,

- weight measurement scale,

- centimeter,

- a white pen for marking when measuring the body volume,

- a folder with records and statistics for each client,

- advertising material for clients,

- an advertising poster.


How often is the Vacuum 65 Body treatment applied?

Our recommendation for achieving long-lasting and serious results:

- Treatment should be applied every other day (three times a week) for three weeks;

- after that there should be a break of 15 days after which the process may be repeated or to come twice a month to for the maintenance;

- The recommendation for the long-term effect is 3 cycles. One lasts for three weeks.